We’re a growing legal technology group with solutions for legal automation, client self service, claims management and litigation funding.


Litigation funders globally source commercial litigation claims with a high chance of success which companies do not want on balance sheet or cannot afford to pursue. Litigation funders typically generate a ~30% return on investment per legal case they invest in.

The litigation funding asset class is in its infancy but worth upwards of $9bn annually. It’s not well understood by the majority of lawyers and the process of obtaining litigation funding is largely offline/email-based.

Our solution offers first of a kind access to multiple litigation funders/insurers in a single online fintech/legaltech solution. A two-sided marketplace: Lawyers obtaining funding for client’s disputes, funders deploying capital. All documentation and communication done in platform.


Legal class action is established in the U.S, but growing globally in the form of “group litigation” and “representative action” given jurisdictional changes and the growth of litigation funding. The majority of law firms and claims management firms are making do with spreadsheets and a tapestry of tech solutions onboard and work with claimants. This carries significant paralegal and claims handling cost, and inhibits firms ability to pursue mass claims.

The ubiquity of the smartphone has enabled us to assist law firms to revolutionise the way they onboard and work claimants for repeatable and multi-claimant action.

Casefunnel enables self-service claims signup, KYC/ID checking and on-boarding, automation of claims processing all saving many paralegal or claims handler man-hours by keeping claimants tasked online, and up-to date via their smartphone. Combining three concepts: claimant acquisition, self-service, and legal automation.